Inbound Advertising

Space Solutions

Utilizing our affiliation with search giant, we created a customized, integrated inbound marketing program, which included service targeted display ads, text-based search ads, retargeting tools and optimization of the website including a new landing page. We designed multiple word ads and display ads featuring each of Space Solutions’ most searched service offerings.

With ReachLocal’s technology we were able to assign a proxy telephone number that allowed incoming telephone enquiries to be tracked, recorded and logged in an analytics dashboard. Incoming emails were also logged along with a detailed report of their engagement on the site.

Retargeting tools then deployed the Space Solutions display ad to reappear to potential clients who had either previously visited the Space Solutions site or searched using key terms related to Space Solutions’ offerings – reinforcing and expanding brand presence. We also developed a new landing page that visually represented all of Space Solutions’ primary services – optimized for mobile users and allowing for easy and immediate navigation to the channel of interest.

The Result: Space Solutions’ organic SEO has improved dramatically, from results like page 6 in Google (or not appearing) to consistent page 1 placement over a whole range of targeted search terms – and most importantly, Space Solutions has experienced a sharp increase in sales and enquiries due to the inbound marketing program