North American Co-op Program

In 2007, Modern Living Products was appointed as the distributor for the consumer market in the Americas for Element Systems, a German display, closet and storage organization hardware supplier. They required completely new, targeted sales collateral to present the system to the new market as well as providing a reference manual for their dealers.

We first organized a photo shoot to showcase typical applications of the product line for use in collateral, advertising and PR. Following the shoot, Southern Ontario dealers were invited to the studio for a launch celebration and to receive material samples sets. Our market introduction of Element Systems’ included a product brochure, press releases, and a national launch advertising campaign which was followed by a co-op advertising program to support the dealers.

With immediate brand presence established in the marketplace, Element Systems was picked up by dealers across the Americas, who were then supplied with a sales-ready set of marketing materials. These dealers continue to use the collateral developed by Up Marketing to present best-practice home storage solutions.