CHAR Technologies – Startup Support

CHARtech Solutions, a Canadian start-up, developed and a patented method for capturing the hydrogen sulphide emissions from renewable natural gas generation with a filter that at the end of its deployment cycle is a valuable agricultural supplement.





CHAR went on to develop a carbon neutral fuel for the steel making industry that could replace coal without any furnace modification. The great promise and scale for these innovations led to CHAR’s selection for an accelerated listing on the TSX through a Cleantech focused launch facility. The capital raised enabled them to purchase their primary implementation resource, Altech Environmental.





Poised to capture new markets for their specialized products, technologies and consulting services, Up Marketing was brought in to package for promotion the offerings of the new publicly traded corporation.



First up was outfitting CHAR for participation in the Ontario Centres of Excellence DISCOVERY Trade Fair, having won funding by the Ontario Green Investment Fund and a capital commitment from Sustainable Development Technology Canada. we developed a comprehensive set of signage, posters and info sheets to dress their booth and provide visitor takeaways.



Venturi Scrubber Poster




The next task was introducing the publicly traded entity to the market as an umbrella over the four brands. Marketing collateral was developed for each of their primary offerings:


South American Export markets were served with Spanish language brochure materials:


New domestic markets were identified and courted for integrated offerings under the CHAR technologies master brand:

5 primary target markets were identified and a comprehensive U.S. and Canadian media, association and event marketing options set was produced to inform and guide the development of CHAR’s first advertising campaign Here is the animated ad we created to launch it:

With the first full scale commercial installation of SulfaCHAR in service and an on-site industrial trial of CleanFYRE in progress, we look forward to helping at CHAR technologies deliver CLEAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS to our country, our earth and our future.