Special Reports in the Globe & Mail

Up Marketing partnered with the Globe and Mail to produce these four Special Reports in 2016, featuring collaboratively developed editorial distributed with the national edition of the paper, also posted to and promoted on the Globe and Mail website. Business Climate Change released on Earth Day; Sustainable Building 10 days a head of Canada Green Building Council’s annual conference and expo; Strategies for Sustainability in the lead up to the federal government’s tabling of their pan-Canadian climate change strategy and; the Clean50 following the annual Summit.


The Clean50 in the Globe & Mail

Canada’s Clean50 Awards program recognizes senior executives, emerging leaders and sustainability practitioners from industry, academia, government and NGOs to celebrate their visions, innovations and successes. The annual Clean50 Summit fosters enhanced collaboration between them. This report supports the announcement of the annual award recipients with highlights, coverage of the summit and custom crafted editorial presenting the back-stories behind some of the awards.

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Strategies for Sustainability

Released October 12, 2016, as our leaders prepare to announce their collective climate change action plans and the National Energy Roundtable convened in Calgary, this Special Report considers Canada’s most promising paths in policy and education, research and innovation, energy and infrastructure development – with an exclusive interview with Vicky Sharpe, founding president and past CEO of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

Strategies for Sustainability - The Globe and MailOnline Feature


Sustainable Building

As the global population approaches nine billion people, the impacts of buildings on our environment are of critical importance. From material innovations to energy management to urban densification, the building industry is confronting some big issues. On May 27th, with Canada Green Building Council as lead, this report looked at buildings’ effects on our external and internal environments and the heath and wellness of their occupants.

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Business Climate Change

Canada has many strengths from which to address climate change. We have immense clean energy potential, an accomplished, internationally respected research and innovation infrastructure, and fresh leadership ready to turn battle lines into frontiers of collaboration. On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2016, this feature put a spotlight on initiatives demonstrating how the new “business climate” is creating opportunities – and how all can participate.

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